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Are you looking for an organic way to promote relaxation or help get a good nights sleep? Get the best in CBD and Delta-8 products when you visit Southern Yummy CBD in Abilene, TX. Whether you're looking to try for the first time or regularly use these products, our CBD store is well-equipped to meet your needs.

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Delta-8 and Gummies

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With our full range of CBD and Delta-8 products, there's sure to be something you'll love. Our product line includes:

Flower and pre-rolls: Get the authentic CBD experience with smokable flower and single-serving pre-rolls.
Delta-8 edibles: Promote relaxation with this new hemp product.
CBD topicals and roll-ons: Target specific areas for muscle relief with our simple topical products.
Hemp oil: Use our CBD cookbook to find hemp oil's uses in your everyday life.

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As a local, woman-owned CBD store, we work hard to offer a wide variety of products at a fair price. We're dedicated to providing you with only the highest quality wellness CBD from trusted brands, so you can feel good about whatever you buy. From enjoying while cooking to relaxing with friends, there's something for everyone in our store.